Meet The Team

Meet The Team

Shon Gregory

Chief Executive Officer
Meet The Team

Amanda Gregory

Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Meet The Team

Charold Rivera

Chief Admin Officer

Meet The Team

Dan Muzzarini

Chief Financial Officer

Meet The Team

Steve Carlson

Roofing Superintendent
Roof Repair Project Manager


Kevin Muir

GC Superintendent & Estimator

Meet The Team

Ambrose “Buck” Splescia

Senior Estimator/Project Manager
Meet The Team

Percy Wong

Project Manager

Meet The Team

Isaac Sumaoang

Procurement Officer
Govt Estimator & Project Manager

Meet The Team

Sales Team

Top Left to Right: Ryan Lundquist, Shon Gregory
Bottom Left to Right: Percy Wong, Roy Shishido, Ambrose “Buck” Splescia

Office Team

Left to right: Kelsey Fitzgerald, Dan Muzzarini, Charold Rivera, Felipe Hallenbeck, Debbie Timm


GC Production Crew

Left to right: Josh Ucci, Ron Clevenger, Kalama Woodward

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GC Production Crew

Left to right: Jake Ramos, Corry Beaird, Kevin Muir


Roofing Repair Crew

Left to right: Rod Pidong, Levi Lauriano, Steve Carlson, Frank Yee


Roofing Crew

Foreman: Jenn Daguro & Crew


Roof Coating Crew

Foreman: Toan Agon & Crew


Residential Roofing Crew

Foreman: Roberto Abad & Crew


Roof Coating Crew

Foremen: Austin Wallace & Matt Lamphere & Crew