5 Ways to Make Your Roof Last as Long as Possible

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Often overlooked, the roof is as important as any other feature of a home or commercial space. Apart from the basic purpose of protection, it also provides thermal insulation and enhances the overall appearance. As they are exposed the maximum to the external environment, meticulous care is required to ensure they last longer.

Further, roof replacement is a costly project which can be avoided with adequate maintenance. Irrespective of the material or type of roof, here are a few basic things to keep in mind for a well-maintained and long-lasting roof.


Choosing the Material Carefully

There are a variety of materials available in the market with different properties. It is important to keep the climate and weather patterns in mind to choose the material which can withstand them the best. Some of the durable and long-lasting materials include wood, metal, concrete, and slate. Wood might last long but can be susceptible to storm damage. Metal roofing is very beneficial in areas with hail or snow. Slate roofs are by far the most durable lasting more than 100 years. However, they are expensive and require expert installation.


Active Maintenance Schedule

Once the roof has been completed, it is necessary to keep up a regular maintenance schedule. Regular check-ups are crucial to identify potential issues in the early stages so that expensive replacements can be avoided. Some things to look for include loose shingles, cracks, dents, algae/ moss growth, etc. Leaks in the house and wet spots in the ceiling can also point to potential problems on the roof. Ideally, roof care should be done at least twice a year. One easy way to go about it would be to do it in the fall and spring so that the roof is prepared for the respective seasons.


Clean the Gutters

Gutters and downspouts should be regularly checked and cleaned to increase the life expectancy of your roof. Leaves, pine needles, and small sticks can accumulate and clog the gutters leading to water buildup at the edges. Further, they can also serve as an ideal habitat for pests to hide and thrive. Therefore, it is important to flush out your gutters regularly. If water cannot flow freely, ensure that necessary repairs are done. In rainy areas, moss can grow and spread if the gutters are not checked from time to time. They loosen the shingles and act as a reservoir for bacterial growth.


Preventive Measures

Roof care is incomplete without adequate preventive measures and forethought. The attic is an ideal place to start with. Ensuring sufficient insulation is important. A proper layer of insulation is vital to maintain a stable interior temperature and helps to retain air and heat during different seasons. Further, it prevents condensation and moisture from forming on the underside of the roof. Adequate ventilation is another key aspect that prevents condensation and moisture accumulation. Ensure that the vents are installed correctly and are free from debris.


Trimming the Tree Branches

Overhanging or overextending tree branches cause unexpected and expensive damage to the roof. They apply a lot of pressure on the roof causing breakage of shingles or lifting up of certain portions of the roof. Leaves and sticks from branches can potentially block the gutter. The shade from an overhanging branch may cause moisture retention in particular areas thus encouraging the growth of moss and algae. These branches can also act as a pathway for animals to tread on the roof and eventually into the house as well.



Your roof is crucial in protecting your home from inclement weather while keeping you and your family comfortable throughout the year. Surface Shield Roofing is your residential and commercial roofing expert in Honolulu, offering an exceptional range of services designed to add value to your home. From roofing maintenance and preventative damage to quality repairs and installation, we cover it all. To request a free quote and obtain our services, contact us today!