Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Roofing Contractor in Oahu

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Choosing a roofing contractor in Oahu for your roofing project is not an easy task. We’re here to help you gauge your roofing contractor’s level of expertise.

What Are Your Qualifications?

Hawaii’s Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs mandates that you hire a licensed contractor for your roofing project. Contractors are required to get bonds before they can receive a license. Worker’s comp and liability insurance are a must for your future roofing contractor.

So, make sure your roofing contractor ticks each box on this checklist:

  • License
  • Bond
  • Insurance

Could You Give Me an Estimate?

A detailed roofing estimate needs to include the following components:

  • All materials and equipment
  • Labor costs

Taking care of garbage disposal is a good business practice for roofing contractors as well.

What Is the Timeline?

Request an estimated timeline from the contractor. This document should include the start and end dates.

A responsible roofing contractor should also account for any potential delays that may arise. They would walk you through the steps they usually take to mitigate the impacts of adverse weather on the project’s completion.

Clear communication regarding project milestones will help you ensure a smooth process.

What Is Your Approach to Safety?

Ask the roofing contractor about their safety protocols. What are their employees’ credentials? How do they adhere to industry regulations? A commitment to safety not only protects workers but also minimizes risks for you and your property.

Apart from working conditions, safety also includes high workmanship standards. Can you believe that through our years of experience, we came across clients who needed a new roof installation because their previous re-roofing was done poorly? Some roofing contractors may suggest that they shingle a new roof over your old one. That’s when, after a couple of years, safety risks arise. A portion of a roof may collapse.

Make sure your roofing contractor ensures your safety by not trying to win the bid by offering you the cheapest estimate but rather by getting you up to speed with all the necessary expenses for a durable roof.

Tell Me About Your Experience

We recommend that you opt for roofing companies whose owners have years of experience in roofing. Don’t settle for those contractors who have started as carpenters or handymen as they may not have enough experience to successfully oversee all the nuts and bolts of a roofing project.

Can You Provide Me with Client Reviews?

A roofing company with a track record of success and an open catalog of customer testimonials is a safe choice. Another way to hone in on your roofing contractor’s qualifications is to check their BBB ratings.

How Much Space Should I Clear?

Roofing contractors typically require ample space to store their equipment, including ladders, benches, tables, tools, and dumpsters. What modifications should you make to your yard to accommodate? Additionally, consider whether you’ll need access to your driveway for your car.

At Surface Shield Roofing, we are proud of serving Oahu’s homeowners and business owners for decades. Contact us today for a detailed quote on your next roofing project.