Top 5 Roofing Maintenance Solutions that May Work for Your Home

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You must have heard ‘prevention is better than cure’ more than a few times since childhood. Taking preventive action works well for almost all your belongings. When it comes to a house in which you have invested a lot of your hard-earned money, maintenance becomes all the more critical. Roof maintenance is one of the most critical parts of maintaining your home. It is difficult to ascertain the benefit of roof maintenance in an exact number of years, but it is safe to say a well-maintained roof lasts for many more years than a poorly maintained roof.

Here are 5 roofing maintenance solutions that may work for your home:

1. Create a maintenance schedule
One of the best roofing maintenance tips is to create a schedule for regular inspection. It is critical to regularly check various parts of the roof like gutters, shingles, drip edges, and flashing to ensure a long life of the roof. Rather than letting the broken or missing parts stay as they are, you should opt for a regular inspection of the roof, as it will help you take corrective action in time.

2. Ensure regular cleaning
In addition to the regular inspection schedule, you should ensure regular cleaning of the roof. This is especially important for gutters. With clogged gutters, you can expect sub-par performance from other components like fascia boards and wood. A bi-annual cleaning schedule for the gutters ensures that the roof is not impacted by clogged gutters. You can also hire a professional gutter cleaning service if you do not want to risk a fall from the ladder or if you have a complex gutter system in place to handle.

3. Opt for annual trimming
Tree branches that are close to the roof can cause considerable damage if not handled in time. If you continue to ignore the hanging branches for an extended period, they have the potential to damage the roof of the house by clogging the gutters and increasing mold growth on the roof. Furthermore, wind can cause physical damage to the roof and gutter.

4. Get rid of plants
Plants like moss and algae should be handled regularly on the roof. Leaving plants, moss, and algae to grow on the roof can absorb water which will end up in increased weight and end up creating fungi and mold on the roof. You can use acidic cleaners like apple cider vinegar and lemon along with other essential products like baking soda to protect your roof.

5. Opt for professional service
Rather than trying to take all the actions outlined above, you can opt for professional service for roof maintenance and cleaning. Having a professional service provider on your side will help you keep a proactive approach to identify the possible challenges in time, such as leakage, structural damage or broken tiles, etc.

To sum up
These are some roofing maintenance solutions that may work for your home. Rather than trying to invest effort, time, and resources towards maintaining your roof all by yourself, it is better to have a professional roofing company on your side to handle roof maintenance professionally.
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