Top Benefits of Choosing Metal Roof Replacement in Oahu

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Metal Roof Replacement in Oahu

There are several benefits of replacing your traditional roof with modern metal roofing. Check out our guide below for the many benefits of metal roofing replacement, common myths, and frequently asked questions.

Benefits of Metal Roofing

There are many reasons to choose a new metal roof over traditional roofing options.

  • Improved Curb Appeal. Metal roofs can give your home a sleek and modern feel. They’re also highly customizable, so you can choose whatever color best fits your home’s personality. If you’re looking for a more traditional style, you can also have a metal roof that mimics shingles, so you can have all of the following benefits while still having a more conventional look for your roof.
  • Durability: Metal is highly durable and much more resistant to the typical ailments of a traditional roof. They endure harsh temperatures, heavy storms, insects, debris, rot, and fires.
  • Energy Savings: Metal roofs reflect solar energy, which helps to keep your home cool in the hot summer months. You’ll save a considerable amount of money on cooling costs. If you’re considering an Oahu roof replacement, talk to your roofer about adding a batten system to improve your home’s airflow.
  • Long-Lasting: A new traditional roof typically lasts only 15-25 years. A metal roof can last nearly double that, with an average lifespan of 40-70 years. With proper maintenance (a simple clearing of any built-up debris and a powerwash every year or so), a metal roof could last up to 100 years, making it an excellent investment.
  • Sustainable: A metal roof is one of the best eco-friendly and sustainable choices for your home. Metal roofing is mostly made of recycled materials, and after its lifespan, the material can be recycled again.

Are These Common Myths About Metal Roofing True?

You may have heard a few negative things about metal roofing, so we’d like to address some untrue myths circulating.

  • They Attract Lightning: Your metal roof is no more likely to be struck by lightning than a traditional asphalt roof, so you don’t have to worry about a barrage of lightning strikes. If your roof is struck by lightning, a metal roof is safer. Traditional asphalt roofs are prone to fire when lightning strikes, whereas a metal roof is fire-resistant.
  • They’ll Rust: Metal does rust; however, your metal roof will be protected from rusting with a special coating, so you don’t have to worry about this problem.
  • Your Home Will Need Extra Support: Many people believe a metal roof is too heavy for your home and you will need extra support. This is not true. Metal roofs don’t weigh as much as clay tiles or slate. You won’t even need a structural assessment.
  • They’re Expensive: Metal roofs can have a slightly higher initial cost, but their long lifespan and durability make them one of the most cost-effective choices for roofing. You likely won’t have to replace a metal roof in your lifetime; it’s deficient maintenance, and you’ll save a lot of money by lowering cooling costs for your home. In the long run, a metal roof costs far less than traditional options.

How long does the metal roof replacement process take?

It can take anywhere from a couple of days to several weeks to replace your home’s roof with a metal one. It depends on the size of the house, as well as the complexity of the roof shape. Weather can also push back completion by a day or two. Generally, it’s a fast process.

How much does metal roof replacement cost in Oahu?

The average cost of a new metal roof is about $14,000. Your final price will depend on the size and complexity of your home’s roof and the type of metal you choose. Copper can be the most expensive option, and steel is the cheapest. However, the price of materials fluctuates. We’ll be sure to lay out your options during our initial consultation.

How do I choose a reliable contractor for metal roof replacement in Oahu?

Surface Shield Roofing Company employs licensed and insured roofing contractors in Oahu. We have a proven track record and a gallery of work we encourage you to peruse. Any reliable roofing company should have all of these things. However, we go the extra mile by providing written testimonials from prior customers, and we are BBB A+ accredited!

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